The complete Idiot's Guide To Sharks

The complete Idiot's Guide To Sharks.

You don't have to tread water to meet some of the most dangerous predators in the sea!

You're no idiot, of course. You know there are sharks of all sizes and shapes and that some sharks do attack humans. But did you know that there are nearly 400 species of sharks and that approximately 80 percent of their species is endangered?

The complete Idiot's Guide to Sharks will introduce you to more sharks than you can sink your teeth into! In this Complete Idiot's Guide, you get:

  • Introductions to both the common and elusive members of the shark family-mako, hammerhead, blue, goblin, megamouth, and many more.
  • A lesson in shark anatomy and how sharks differ from other ocean dwellers-from their skin and rapid movement in the water to their senses of smell and hearing.
  • Valuable information on how sharks help the environment against the decay of marshes and reefs.
  • Factual accounts of why sharks attack humans and how to protect yourself should you find yourself facing one.
  • Learn about the hunting and feeding habits of sharks.
  • Identify the different sets of teeth in a shark's mouth-and what it likes to sink its jaws into.
  • Separate fact from fiction in media accounts of shark behavior and attacks.
  • Discover how traditional fishing is killing off entire species of sharks.
  • Find out how you can help save sharks from extinction.

MARY L. PEACHIN is a veteran adventure traveler, writer, and photographer. For more than 20 years, Mary has participated in hundreds of shark dives-in and out of cages-from the Gulf of Thailand to the Galapagos Islands. Mary has published articles in magazines and newspapers, including the Philadelphia Inquirer, Dallas Morning News, Chicago Tribune, and Tucson Lifestyle.

By Mary L. Peachin.

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The complete Idiot's Guide To Sharks

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