Diving and Dredging for Gold

Diving and Dredging for Gold.

Dick Anderson was one of the first scuba divers in the United States. He went to work for the U.S. Divers Company before the paint was dry on the door. He holds Los Angeles Underwater Instructor card #27 and has rached up well over a year of bottom time as a sport and commercial diver.

A versatille individual, Anderson has developed dive regulators from scratch and used them to depths of three hundred feet. He has written numerous articles about his and others' exploits.

His adventuring spirit has taken him from Alaska to Panama and from Europe to Singapore. He has documented several adventures on 16mm film. His film Gold from the Winfield Scott captured "Film of the Year" award at the International Underwater Film Festival. Above all, Anderson loves to share his adventures. Coles Phinizy, a friend and a former Senior Editor of Sports Illustrated, once commented, "Anderson writes as though he were on a first-name basis with every reader."

Almost retired from commercial diving, Anderson now finds fulfillment as a studio propmaker in Hollywood. Besides everything else, he's a skilled craftsman. Does he have any regrets? "Yeah, I wish I'd kept some of my gold," he says wistfully.

By Dick Anderson.

Engelstalig, zwart/wit foto's.

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Diving and Dredging for Gold

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