The Technical Guide to Gas Blending

The Technical Guide to Gas Blending is an authoritative, insightful text that explores and explains all aspects of gas blending in a logical, business-oriented way. Several training agencies today offer gas blending courses; however, most of them have a narrow focus on the mechanics of partial pressure mixing. This book covers an important gap in the subject. The author, a pioneer in gas blending technologies and a manufacturing engineer by profession, acknowledges the fact that the selection, organization, planning, and operation of your mixed gas station can have a significant impact on your business. This book will help you:

  • Evaluate and select the most appropriate blending method for your operation
  • Plan and execute the layout of your blending station
  • Prepare the equipment and understand all issues of equipment interaction
  • Do logistics planning
  • Produce and dispense mixed gas safely

The author takes a scientific approach in every topic, explaining the subject matter from the first principles. Long-standing, erroneous assumptions are challenged and critical thinking is encouraged throughout the text.

"Every instructor worth his salt should get hold of this book - and read it!" - Kevin Denlay, Australia

"For someone who has been mixing gas for so many years, it is hard to believe that one can learn so much from a book on gas blending. Readers will be amazed!" - Michael Lim, Director TDI Asia

"A book that gives you the information that really matters. Planning is a very important issue and The Technical Guid to Gas Blending explains all planning issues very clearly." - Peter Von Buuren, Dräger Dive Europe

By Nicos Raftis.

Engelstalig, zwart/wit foto's en tekeningen.

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The Technical Guide to Gas Blending

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