Orca the whale called killer

Orca the whale called killer.

Star performers in aquariums and marine parks, killer whales were once considered to be too dangerous to approach in the wild. Erich Hoyt and his colleagues spent seven summers following these intelligent and playful creatures in the waters off northern Vancouver Island, intent on dispelling the killer myth. Orca: The Whale Called Killer is Hoyt's exciting account of those summers of adventure and discovery. First published in 1981, this revised edition contains the latest world-catch and live-capture statistics as well as updated records of killer whales kept captive. A foreword by the late Sir Peter Scott, one of the founders of the World Wildlife Fund, and an expanded epilogue and references by the author make this new volume an even finer tribute to "one of the most fascinating and charismatic animals in the world."

Orca, the killer, is one of the best known but least understood of all the whales. This book, packed with action, is the only one I have ever read that treats this glamorous sea predator in depth. Roger Tory Peterson.

Hoyt's passionate sense of kinship with orca makes his account effective as both science and literature. He has chronicled his adventures and discoveries... with grace, insight, wit-and a comprehensiveness that might satisfy even Herman Melville. Discover.

By Erich Hoyt.

Engelstalig, kleurenfoto's.

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Orca the whale called killer

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