Sea turtles the watchers' guide

Sea turtles the watchers' guide.

This book not only gives an excellent overview of sea turtle life, it also provides the specifics of appropriate personal conduct and behavior for human beings on turtle nesting beaches. Despite my internal agonizing and personal dilemmas about people ultimately "loving nature to death," I believe that everyone in Florida with even a scrap of interest in nature should, sooner or later, watch a turtle nesting. It is true that the very attractiveness of the spectacle means that the demand for places on many of the more popular organized "turtle walks" is extreme. But put your name down nonetheless. You will not be unmoved by what you see, and you wil never forget the experience.

Peter C. H. Pritchard, Ph.D. Florida Audubon Society.

By M. Timothy O'Keefe.

Engelstalig, zwart/wit foto's.

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Sea turtles the watchers' guide

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