Deeper Sport Diving and Dive Computers

Deeper Sport Diving and Dive Computers.

If you want to explore deep shipwrecks, or drift along the coral walls of the Caribbean or the far Pacific, you need to understand and be trained in deep diving. There has never been an easier time to participate in this type of diving than now, especially given the capabilities of modern dive computers.

In Deeper Sport Diving and Dive Computers you'll learn the proper procedures for deep diving, whether you dive in the tropics, or waters cold enough for a dry suit. You'll also learn how a dive computer works and how to select the dive computer that best suits your needs. Included in this book are the following topics:

  • Physiology of deep diving
  • Risks in deep diving
  • Equipment for deep diving
  • Understanding & selecting dive computers
  • Using your dive computer
  • Planning deep dives
  • Making deep dives
  • Emergency procedures for deep diving
  • How to extend your deep diving capabilities

Deeper Sport Diving and Dive Computers is the companion text for Scuba Diving International's Deep Diving and Computer Diving Specialty courses. Scuba Diving International is the world's fastest growing diver training agency.

By Steven M. Barsky.

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Deeper Sport Diving and Dive Computers

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