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Dry Suit Diving: A Guide to Diving Dry, Fourth Edition

Dry Suit Diving: A Guide to Diving Dry, Fourth Edition.

Dry Suit Diving, Fourth Edition is a major revision of the most popular and comprehensive book on dry suit diving. This book is especially geared toward the person who is considering the purchase of a dry suit and wants to know what dry suit diving is all about. It is a much more extensive book than most other dry suit texts.

Dry Suit Diving, Fourth Edition includes the following chapters:

  • Brief History of Diver Thermal Protection
  • Why Thermal Protection is Important
  • Selecting Your Dry Suit
  • Dry Suit Valves
  • Dry Suit Underwear
  • Selecting Dry Suit Accessories
  • Dressing into Your Dry Suit
  • Dry Suit Skills
  • Dry Suit Emergencies
  • How to Remove Your Dry Suit
  • Dry Suit Maintenance
  • When Staying Dry is Essential

This new edition has been extensively edited and includes updated information on new suit materials, underwear, and issues that affect technical divers who use dry suits. Over 95 new photographs cover equipment, accessories, and techniques.

About the authors:

Steve Barsky is a former commercial diver, and full-time diving consultant, author, and underwater photographer. He has produced dry suit diving training materials for AquaLung, Diving Concepts, Diving Unlimited International, and Viking.

Dick Long is the chairman of the Board of Diving Unlimited International and a recipient of the DAN Rolex Diver, NOGI, and DEMA Reaching Out awards for his outstanding contributions to diver safety.

Bob Stinton is the chief engineer and a V.P. at Diving Unlimited International. He holds numerous patents for the design of thermal protection systems for diving.

By Steven M. Barsky, Dick Long and Bob Stinton.

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