Diving Into Darkness

Diving Into Darkness: The Elements of Safe Night Diving.

Robert Rossier received his initial scuba certification in 1974 while earning his B.S. in Environmental Science from Worcester Poytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. As leader of an artificial reef project at WPI, he performed underwater marine research in Narragansett Bay, RI, and later earned his scuba instructor certification. As a graduate student at the University of Rhode Island he received advanced training in search and rescue, research diving, and surface supplied diving. In 1981, he earned a Masters degree in Ocean Engineering from the University of Rhode Island. Bob holds numerous scuba certifications including nitrox, cavern, cave, ice, altitude, and kayak diving, and is a former member of the Undersea Medical Society.

Bob worked as an engineer for General Dynamics in Groton, Connecticut where he designed life support and rescue systems for U.S. Naval Nuclear Submarines. Later he was a senior engineer at Martin Marietta Aerospace in Denver, Colorado where he designed life support systems for the NASA Space Station.

Bob is a contributing editor to Dive Training magazine, and his articles appear regularly in DAN's Alert Diver magazine.

By Robert N. Rossier.

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Diving Into Darkness

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