Desecrate 1

Desecrate 1.

Mr lindemann now has completed his diving in the Palaus and his study of all known documents pertaining to the American carrier strike. His book, Desecrate 1, makes the result of his research and exploitations available to the public and should be of great assistance to anyone who wishes to understand this important operation. This pioneering study of Desecrate 1 also can be viewed as reflecting the intense, current interest in the general conflict that swept through the world more than 50 years ago. Naval and maritime historians of all countries owe a debt of gratitude to Klaus Lindemann for Desecrate 1. His book is an ingenious and major contribution to our knowledge of a significant chapter in World War II." Dr. Dean C. Allard (Director of Naval History, US Department of the Navy)

"A unique treatment of the subject matter and a pioneering work."  Jock Netzorg, The Cellar Bookshop, Detroit.

By Klaus Lindemann.

Engelstalig, kleur en zwart / wit foto's.

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Desecrate 1

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