Shipwrecks of the Caribbean

Shipwrecks of the Caribbean: A Diver's Guide.

From the earliest days of discovery, the Caribbean has been synonymous with pioneering marine exploration and adventure. Island life is shaped by its relationship with the ocean and to the present day, when hurricanes and fierce storms visit the region, the sea remains a threat as well as an extraordinary asset. Many vessels and seafarers have met their fate - often in mysterious cicumstances.

Yet, until now, serious and responsible documented research on the shipwrecks of the Caribbean has never been undertaken. Martha Watkins Gilkes has travelled the length and breadth of the region, covering more than twenty islands, to unravel the mysteries behind many of these wrecks - from the infamous disasters to the long forgotten. She has also dived on many of the wrecks which have been deliberately sunk in more recent years, where profuse marine growth is forming and unique underwater creatures may be encountered.

Wreck diving presents new challenges and responsibilities for even the most experienced diver. There are ethical issues that have to be addressed. For divers, a wreck is an exciting adventure. For the owner of the ship and the relatives of the dead, it is a tragedy and in many islands laws are in place protecting the sites.

In this practical and informative manual, the wrecks of each island are explored in turn, providing a fascinating historical journey as well as a beautifully illustrated guide to one of the most mysterious underwater experiences the Caribbean can offer.

Introduced to the sport of diving over thirty years ago, Nartha Watkins Gilkes has learnt to understand and respect the underwater world. She is a certified PADI Master instructor, a speciality instructor in wreck diving and seven other areas, and a former President of the Eastern Caribbean Safe Diving Association. She has logged over 8000 hours of diving around the world. She is currently owner of FANTA-SEA Island Excursions in Antigua. Her previous book, Diving Guide to the Eastern Caribbean, is also published by Macmillan.

By Martha Watkins Gilkes.

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Shipwrecks of the Caribbean

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