Carlos Eyles - Last of the Blue Water Hunters

Last of the Blue Water Hunters.

This extraordinary account tells the story about a handful of men who made their way into the last wilderness to stalk and hunt the powerful game fish that inhabit the deep waters. Aspiring to belong to this elite group, the author follows and learns from them until he becomes one of the best. But in becoming the best, the author's hunt transforms from pulling the trigger to learning the habits and characteristics of open sea creatures, such as the elusive white sea bass. Developing almost a sixth-sense connection to stalking these majestic animals, he is content to let them live.

CARLOS EYLES became deeply connected to the ocean growing up on the beaches of Hawaii. His life, as first a free diving big game spearfisherman and now as an underwater photographer, has covered much of the planet's oceans and seas - a lifetime journey, which has paralleled the decline of the ocean's great wealth. He has written eight books and many articles about his experiences. His underwater photographs have been published in books and magazines worldwide. He lives in Hawaii where he teaches free diving.

"If I had only one book in my diving library, it would undoubtedly be this one. For anyone new to the game, this is the book that opens the door. Carlos' experience and love of the ocean will ring true with anyone who longs to once again be dropping down, hiding, waiting for what is just out of sight." - Dennis Haussler, IBSRC International Blue Water Champion, 1999, 2000.

"A rare opportunity to see the ocean through the eyes of the first hunters to venture away from the shallows, this book is both a journey back in time, and into the soul of one who followed them." - Kurt R. Bickel, Sen. Ed., Spearfishing Magazine.

By Carlos Eyles.

Engelstalig, zwart/wit foto's.

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Carlos Eyles - Last of the Blue Water Hunters

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